Back in October of ’08, my parents bought a new living room set and offered their old living room set to me and Kyle.  With still 9 months before we were getting married, we had to store it somewhere so we got a storage unit somewhat close to home.  Fast forward to May 11th (exactly 2 months before our wedding), we got the keys to our new apartment.  Now the fun of setting up our apartment begun! We got to bring everything we got at my bridal shower to our apartment and start finding homes for everything.  It also meant that we got to finally bring our furniture to our apartment.  We didn’t have many options for bringing the furniture from Byram (where our storage unit is) to Randolph, so we used Kyle’s Hyundai Accent.  His car fits EVERYTHING!


Surprisingly, we got the couch *mostly* in Kyle’s car.  Kyle took newspaper twine and tied the couch into the trunk of his car.  For the entire 30 minute drive, Kyle told me I had to hold onto the couch (from the front seat) to make sure it “didn’t slide out of the car.”  Seriously… was I going to keep this couch from falling out of the car??? Kyle told me it would be fine, but secretly, he knew there was a possibility of some issues with the couch staying in the trunk.  Luckily we got to the apartment just fine. 

However…the sky was turning gray and as you can see from the above pictures, the couch wasn’t completely covered.  We had asked my brother earlier if he would be able to meet us at our apartment so he and Kyle could carry the couch in, but with the possibility of rain, we didn’t want to wait.  Kyle untied the couch and together we carried it to the door of our apartment.  Now here’s the tricky part….we live in the upstairs apartment.  I thought that if I walked backwards up the stairs, it would be easier and we’d be able to get the couch up.  It didn’t work.  Somehow we were able to switch places, so that I was walking up the stairs behind the couch.  Well…I almost fell out our door.  It wasn’t working.


One of the guys who works at the apartment complex saw the trouble we were having and offered to help, which I gladly accepted.  He and Kyle had no problem getting the couch up the stairs and into our empty living room.  I really thought that we would be keeping our couch on the stairs for a while.

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