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That’s us! About a week and a half ago we closed on our beautiful house! I’m pretty sure it’s been the most eventful week and a half of our lives.  To sum up:

1. We moved 35-40 minutes away in only 6 days.

2. We were up until 1 or 2am each night.

3. I got a weird rash/insect bite on my left arm from gardening.

4. I’m 99% certain I have poision ivy on my right arm and I’m sure I’ll find it in more places.  In almost 28 years I’ve never had poision ivy!!

5. We had a minor gas leak.

6. Our  sink in the master bathroom leaks.  Found that out after 3 days.

7. Kyle fixed our dishwasher.  That wasn’t working during the inspection, so we knew that it needed to be fixed.

8. Mike, Patty, Ellen and Charlie moved the majority of our furniture on a flatbed tow truck.  Yes, a tow truck.

9.  We went to the shore for a night and I got stung by 3 jellyfish in 10 minutes, including one that stung me on my insect bite on my left arm.  Did I mention it’s infected?

10. In the first couple days, we went to Home Depot at least 5 times.

11. Christine and Marc helped us rip out all the weeds in our front yard.  The weeds had trunks!! This is where my insect bite came from.

12. My mom helped with the yardwork on the side of the house.  That’s when I got my poision ivy.

13. On the day of closing, Kyle and I didn’t eat until 2:30 that afteroon as we were pulling up to our attorney’s office.  We ate animal crackers and chocolate covered pretzals.  This unfortunately continued for a couple days.  We’re pretty much on a normal eating schedule again.

14.  We had our carpenter bees addressed.

15. While moving out of our apartment, I tried to do the nice thing and put the glass from Kyle’s desk in my car.  I needed to push my seat back so I can put the glass in my car, so I placed the glass REALLY GENTLY on the ground and it completed shattered! I cut my knee pretty good.


It’s all worth it though.  We love our house!!


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