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I was reading an article on Kyle’s Devils news site and up top, there was a scroll bar with top “North Jersey News.” The title, “Belleville Councilman Gravely Ill.” I had to click on it because I had a strong feeling it was an article about my uncle.  Clicked on it, and there was a picture of Uncle Paul.  I like the article—it really sums up my uncle quite well.

Here’s the article:

Belleville‘s Third Ward Councilman Paul MacDonald is “mortally ill,” Township Attorney Thomas Murphy announced at Tuesday’s Township Council meeting.

Third Ward Councilman Paul MacDonald
Third Ward Councilman Paul MacDonald

“His family is assisting his passage from this life to another,” Murphy said. “…And we feel what his family is feeling because we’re very much his family here.”

During the last several months, MacDonald’s illness had made it difficult for him to get around. But get around, he did.

With the use of his cane, he stood at the intersection of Union Avenue and Holmes Street in 90-degree temperatures this summer to laud Essex County for funding the traffic signal there. He rode through Belleville‘s Veterans Day Parade in the fall, seated in his vehicle with family, smiling and waving to constituents for the entire route of the parade.

And slowly but surely, he climbed the stairs upon which the council’s bench is located during each and every one of its meetings. At times, he’d joke with fellow council members and ask them to get the flag salute done while he was still standing, so he didn’t have to get out of his chair again.

He also made a motion at council meetings to request a “200 percent salary increase” at the conclusion of numerous stress-ridden meetings. He made everyone smile, and he did so while smiling himself.

“He had the courage to fight for his life in a very dignified way,” Murphy added.

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