Uncle Paul

I’m making a promise to myself that soon this blog will go back to what it was originally intended for (it’s more fun that way.) Just spoke to Mom and she updated me on Uncle Paul’s condition and I feel I need to talk about it a little before work.  I don’t want to call Kyle at work because there isn’t a need to at the moment.  Mom and Dad spent the past 2 days with Uncle Paul, Aunt Janet, Colleen, Aileen and Sheila (and their kids.) Mom said it was good for them to spend time with my aunt and cousins because it’s been so overwhelming.  Mom said Uncle Paul probably wouldn’t make it through today, but we’ll see.  He was given 3 days and today is Day 4.  She said that Uncle Paul isn’t eating or drinking at all anymore and it’s very difficult for him to take his medicine.  She also said that Aunt Janet and his daugthers have told him to go, that it was okay, but he’s still hanging on.  Apparently he’s waiting for something. 

Even though, he’s still alive, they’ve made arrangements (not date and time yet, obviously), but they have the funeral home all set, picked out a green coffin.  Yes, green.  He’s very proud of his Irish heritage.  The wake will be 2 days because he knows so many people.  Only Uncle Paul would have a 2 day wake. lol. My mom called to make sure that Kyle and I both have green to wear to the funeral (which means I need to exchange the shirt my parents got him for Christmas.) My aunt gave my dad my uncle’s green suit jacket. 

My aunt and cousins have been able to keep positive during this time and continue to laugh.  Because Uncle Paul has been on so much pain medication, he’s been a bit loopy. Apparently yesterday he thought he was driving his car.  His hand was up like he was steering and I guess he has having difficulty controlling it.  My aunt came in and said that she has the brakes.  My cousin, Aileen, walked in front of the bed as my uncle was “driving” and my uncle yelled “holy shit!” He thought he was going to hit her. 

Other “funny” stories that have kept my aunt and cousins going…

My uncle is attached to his cell phone.  He’s been calling people in the middle of the night, like 2am, 3am….well, he called 911 and told them that he is the councilman in Belleville and he is being held hostage.  Cops showed up at their house at 3am…. He really is the councilman of Belleville, just wasn’t exactly being held hostage (unless you call lying in a hospital bed in your house being held hostage.)

Last story…

A couple weeks ago (before he broke his hip, hospital, semi-coma, etc.) he was home, it was around 11pm.  My aunt was upstairs, Uncle Paul was in the room in the back where his hospital bed is. Called the pizzeria.  Ordered EVERY loose slice of pizza.  11pm, it was delievered.  When Aunt Janet told me this story, she was just like “I’m glad I had enough money on me.”

Now I need to get ready for work….the good thing is that my job keeps me very busy and once I get there, I’m in school mode until the moment I leave.  I asked my mom not to call me until after 3:30 if she hears anything.  I do have some errands to run afterschool, but that’ll be okay.

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  1. Jessica says:

    these stories are great, jen. thanks for writing them down for us to read … and i hope they bring a little levity during such a terrible time.

  2. Jen says:

    Yeah, the stories I hear help, especially since they are humorous. No more stories for the time being.

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