A Christmas Miracle.

The past week has been really tough in the MacDonald family.  My uncle was diagnosed with bone cancer about a year ago and was told he had 6-8 months to live.  Well, he proved the doctors wrong! Last week, however, he fractured his hip and had surgery to fix it.  My aunt and cousins have been spending most days in the hospital visiting with him.  My uncle had his eyes closed for the majority of the time, but was able to hear what was going on.  He was on a ton of medicine as well.  Last Saturday, my sister and I went to their house and helped decorate for Christmas since they’ve had such a stressful season.  My uncle also came down with pnumonia, which is very bad for someone who is as sick as he is and in the hospital.  We’ve been on pins and needles, waiting for terrible news.  I’ve gone on Facebook less since my cousins were updating their statuses and I was not handling it well at all.  I actually spent a few days off Facebook.  I’m getting worked up typing this.

However, this afternoon, my dad sent me a text saying “PJ is alert.  He knows what is going on.” I responded back asking if he opened his eyes yet and he said yes.  Logging onto Facebook, my cousins posted a few things about him.  My cousins thanked the doctors and they told them that it wasn’t them to helped, it was God who helped my uncle.  It’s truly a miracle.   I also saw on a post that my uncle already wants his cell phone. :-)

I’m in tears writing this….tears of happiness. A huge weight has been lifted.  This is truly the best Christmas present my family can receive.

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