Some other 2010 thoughts…

As I said in my other post, 2010 was a bit rough…

However…I feel like I’ve learned some lessons in 2010 that’ll be good to put out there.

1. Life is way too short to spend upset or stressed out.  Yes, I get upset and stressed out, but I try to relax and tell myself it’ll all work out.  Okay, okay, Kyle is usually the one who tells me everything will work out!

2. It doesn’t matter if we clean every single place in our apartment every week.  It would be awesome if we were able to keep up with some type of cleaning schedule, but life is busy and there just isn’t enough time.  There are certain things we do on a weekly basis—laundry, food shopping, ironing, cleaning the bathroom, dishes…you get the point.  As long as we keep up with putting stuff away and our apartment isn’t messy, we’re happy.  The dusting, vacuuming, and swiffering gets done when possible…we try at least every 2 weeks.  But we aren’t stressing about it anymore.  Life has been much better since coming to this realization.

3. Family will always be there.  Also as I mentioned before, I’ve been able to spend more time with my cousins recently and it’s been great getting to know them more.  My cousins range from 29 through early 40s, so growing up, I didn’t have too much in common with them.  Now that my sisters, brother and I are adults, we fit in more. :-)

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