Goodbye 2010…Here’s hoping for 2011

2010 has certainly had its ups and downs and I’m looking forward to see what 2011  brings.  There was too much sadness and stress this year.  I’m really hoping 2011  brings happier and calmer times. 

Something I’ve been trying to do is to be positive and look on the bright side, even if it seems difficult.  Therefore, I’m compling a list of things/people/etc. that I’m thankful for. 

1.My husband. I have absolutely no idea what I would do without him.  He’s always there to comfort me and listen (when I need someone to talk to.) He is awesome at helping out around our home.  We make a good team and have many of the same interests. I can be my complete self and act stupid around him and not worry about what he thinks.  I love being able to come home from work and relax on the couch with him and watch a show.  I’m tempted to say he’s the reason I’m able to keep a positive outlook on things.

2. Pyper.  Although she’s a brat, she can pretty much make me smile even when I’m in a bad mood.  She’s crazy, funny and weird and I love that about her.  For example, this morning before work she was running around like crazy!! And now she’s sleeping on the stove. lol.

3. My family. This includes my immediate family, extended family and in-laws.  I love that we’ve been spending more time with my relatives and have gotten to know them better, thanks also paritally to facebook.  Now being married for over a year, I’m really beginning to realize how much my parents have done for me for my entire life (can’t even imagine how they kept everything together once they had us!)  I’m also feel very lucky for having in-laws that I get along with and enjoy spending time with.

4. My friends. Even though I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like (thanks to life), I’m still really thankful to have them in my life.  

 5. My job.  I love my job and my class is awesome.  They make me laugh by the funny things they say.  I’m also just thankful to have a job. Oh, and Kyle’s job too.

6. My health.  Enough said.

There are more things I’m thankful for and help keep me thinking optimistically and positively, but that’s enough for the time being.

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2 Responses to “Goodbye 2010…Here’s hoping for 2011”

  1. jessica says:

    awww Jen what a sweet post!!! :) funny enough, i just started a blog post (that i haven’t posted or finished just yet!!!) with the same theme … what i am thankful for! :) guess we are thinking about the same things these days. :)

    and … i am thankful my brother has such a wonderful wife … and someone who i enjoy spending so much time with. here’s to more game nights in 2011!!! BALDERDASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jen says:

    haha that’s pretty funny that we both were thinking about what we’re thankful for. lol. Looking forward to reading your post. :-)

    I agree we need to play balderdash!! I love that game!! And thanks for the nice words about me too! :-)

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