Pyper Likes To Eat

Her full name is Pyper Callie Bisignani.  Footnote: Callie was my first petwho basically lived for food.  Pyper carries this name in not just in honor, but in spirit as well.

For example, Pyperpurrs twice a day, breakfast and lunch.  She only meows when I am loweing her food bowl on to her placemat.  Yes, you read that right, herplacemat.

Pyper has shown a great interest in a variety of food, including Hamburgers (specifically Burger King), London Broil, Jade plants, and Marinara sauce.  We’ve seen her head in the measuring cup after measuring Milk.  And tonight we just spotted her licking clean the bowl used to make the Penne with Vodka Sauce.  She also doesn’t shy away from Macaroni and Cheese and will literally climb up your leg if you are holding Turkey.

In fact the only thing I have seen Pyper not like is Lucky Charms – with which she batted it under the refrigerator and we have yet to see them since.

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  1. Jen says:

    I <3 our Pyper girl.

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