Being an adult is exhausting!

If anyone had told me and Kyle how difficult it was to be an adult a few years ago, neither of us would have believed it.  With Kyle working full-time and me working 5 half days a week (which feels like more), there is no doubt in our minds that  it’s exhausting and difficult to be an adult.  But…we’re getting there.  I’ve gotten more comfortable with my new job and the requirements—time, planning, etc.  Now I’m trying to tie in all the things that have to get done around here on a daily/weekly basis—cleaning, food shopping, laundry, dinner, and all of the other little things.  I’m attempting to get the food shopping and laundry done before I go into work—-yet Kyle and I have spent the past 2 Saturday nights (after 11pm) at ShopRite.  Whoops.  And for next week, I’m no where close to being done with my lesson plans for the week….Tomorrow we’re going to PopPop’s and then hopefully apple picking with Christine and Marc!

As I said before…we’re getting there.  We have to work on our time management a bit more, but also need to remember to RELAX!! I’m so grateful for everything Kyle has done to help around here though.  He has no problem helping with setting up and cleaning up from dinner, emptying the dishwasher, helping out with dinner.  He’s awesome at making chicken and cheese quesadillas (after I cook the chicken.)  Today we pretty much cleaned the entire apartment together.

Although we are really busy and don’t have a lot of free time, it has made me appreciate the time we get to spend together so much more.  I’m actually somewhat grateful for that.

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