Anniversary Plans

Our 1st wedding anniversary is coming up in just over 2 weeks and I am really excited! We finally have some plans that we both have agreed on! Our anniversary falls on a Sunday, so we figured we’d spend the weekend doing a few different things.

Friday night: Drive-in movie theater in Warwick, NY.  Not sure what we’ll see yet.

Saturday night: Dinner.

Sunday: Beach!!

I just didn’t want to spend our anniversary doing the things we normally do on weekends, like ironing, sitting around and watching tv, playing on the computer, etc.  For the next few years, our anniversary will fall during the work week, so we might as well do something fun on our anniversary this year since the next few will be spent at work!

I wasn’t quite able to get Kyle to agree on going away for the weekend (although he suggested a cruise.) The cruise, though, won’t work out with our schedules.  So we’ll spend our anniversary locally, but Kyle said that we can go on a cruise in February instead!  Also helps that we have enough credit card points to get a $400 gift card to Carnival, meaning one of us will be cruising for free!! The goal is to gather enough credits to get another $200 gift card before we book the cruise.

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