Pyper Eats Plants…

Kyle and I need no help at all when it comes to killing plants, but Pyper has decided otherwise.  She’s been eating our jade plant (the one we got the night before our weddding.)  We had the jade plant on a shelf in the living room and it was doing OK (for us taking care of it!) Pyper has recently discovered she loves to chew on its branches.  There are only two options for a new location for the plant: In a cabinet or outside.  The jade plant needs sun, so the cabinet is a no….and who would put a plant in a cabinet to begin with? So the jade plant is now outside on the table….I think it’s probably still too cold for it to sit outside, but the only other alternative is to have Pyper continue to chew on its branches….

The plant looks pretty pathetic.

*Picture to be added when my laptop cooperates.

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