Pyper Eats Plants…

Kyle and I need no help at all when it comes to killing plants, but Pyper has decided otherwise.  She’s been eating our jade plant (the one we got the night before our weddding.)  We had the jade plant on a shelf in the living room and it was doing OK (for us taking care of it!) Pyper has recently discovered she loves to chew on its branches.  There are only two options for a new location for the plant: In a cabinet or outside.  The jade plant needs sun, so the cabinet is a no….and who would put a plant in a cabinet to begin with? So the jade plant is now outside on the table….I think it’s probably still too cold for it to sit outside, but the only other alternative is to have Pyper continue to chew on its branches….

The plant looks pretty pathetic.

*Picture to be added when my laptop cooperates.

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Not-So Green Thumbs…

Apparently Kyle and I are unable to keep plants alive….or rather, the one that is still alive isn’t looking so good.  

The night before our wedding after our rehearsal dinner, we invited the bridal party and a few friends over for a game night.  Jenn and Kacey brought us a jade plant as a “apartment warming” gift.  As of tomorrow, we’ll be married for 9 months and the plant is still alive! Except…..that it isn’t looking so good.  I really wish I had taken a picture of it when we first got it.  When we got the plant, we obviously kept it at our apartment.  We didn’t sleep at the apartment the night before the wedding or the wedding night, but we knew we’d be back on Sunday.  On Monday, we were leaving for Hawaii for (just about) 2 weeks.  I didn’t want the plant to die while we were away, so I brought the plant to my mom so she could take care of it.  Little did I know, but jade plants don’t need to be watered that often.  In the summer or warmer months, it should be watered every 4 weeks.  In the colder/cooler, months, it should be watered approximately every 3 weeks.  Needless to say, my mom didn’t have to water it at all while we were in Hawaii.  Anyway, so when we got back and officially moved into our apartment (not that the one night before our honeymoon didn’t count), we put the plant outside to get some sun.  We haven’t been keeping track of how many weeks since it’s been watered, but I thought we were doing a pretty good job…..not so much. 

At my school, the staff celebrates birthdays and 1/2 birthdays (if your birthday is in the summer.)  Since my birthday is in July, my 1/2 birthday was celebrated in January.  The 2nd grade teacher had my name.  Usually we just do breakfast for the staff and make a sign that says “Happy Birthday (teacher’s name).” Well, the 2nd grade teacher went all out.  Not only did she provide breakfast, but she also had her students each make me a card (they were my kindergarten students), a scratch off lottery ticket and a plant.  I figured I’d bring the plant home because my classroom gets so hot (they really turn the heat up high) and I didn’t want the plant to die.  It died within 3 days at athe apartment. :(   I don’t have a picture of it.

Then comes St. Patrick’s Day.  My mom bought us a shamrock plant.  Since it’s been so nice out, I’ve had it sitting outside on the table….it’s practically dead. 

And finally…..Easter.  We bought Kyle’s mom, his grandfather and aunt an Easter plant.  We didn’t give his mom the plant on Easter because we didn’t think she’d want to bring it home that day, so we figured we’d give it to her the following day (when she met Pyper.) Well, we forgot to give it to her.  We knew we’d see her later in the week for pizza (on Friday), so we decided that we’d take care of it until then.  We watered it and kept it away from Pyper (who has decided she likes to eat plants.)  We finally gave her the plant (tulips) last night…..they looked horrible!!!!

The tulips actually looked worse when we gave her them.  Kyle held the tulips in the car and at least 4 petals fell off….However, we made up for giving her a mostly dead plant with a bag of combos.

Our goal for the spring and summer is to plant some flowers on our balcony.  I’m afraid that we’re going to kill them as well….wish us lots of luck!!! I’m not sure how I didn’t learn how to plant and take care of flowers….my mom plants flowers all the time and I helped water them.

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Crazy Cat

We should have changed Pyper’s name to Crazy Cat, but yesterday we bought her a collar and name tag with Pyper written on it, so it’s official;  We’re keeping her name. :-) I love the name Pyper, but Crazy Cat would have been a better fit!

We determined Pyper is about 10 months old, give or take a few days.  She came from a foster home with a group of other kitties.  She was rescued from a kill shelter in Newark in February.  She loves our home.  She has literally explored EVERY inch of our apartment.  Yesterday morning I was putting my contacts in and she jumped up onto the bathroom counter.  She explored the bookcase (not as interested in it as Elroy was!) Pyper wants to go on the balcony terribly.  On Saturday night Kyle and I decided to grill hot dogs for dinner.  Pyper sat in front of the door, trying to claw and climb at the screen door.  Then on one of these beautiful afternoons, Kyle and I sat outside for a bit and Pyper sat at the screen and tried to get out. 

Pyper will literally follow us everywhere almost all day.  I’m so happy we adopted her, even if she’s a bit of a handful.  She loves food. Last night she actually licked some spaghetti sauce from Kyle’s plate.

I’m sure Pyper thinks we’re trying to starve her (which I can ensure you, we’re not!) I’m taking her to the vet on Tuesday morning, so I’ll have to remember to ask about this.  Since day one, Pyper loves our kitchen counters.  I’m not a huge fan of her walking around the counters.  She jumps on them mostly when we are preparing food or if we’re getting something to drink from the fridge.


Did I mention she also prefers tap water over bottled water?

 We have learned we can’t keep things in the sink.

Anyway, I researched online how to discourage cats from walking on the counters and one of the methods I found was the aluminum foil method.  Our kitchen counters are COVERED with foil. 


Cats aren’t supposed to like the way foil sounds or feels.  

 Pyper has jumped onto the counters since they’ve been covered with the foil and all I have to do is walk in the kitchen and look at her and she’ll jump down.  We can tell she isn’t happy with the foil, but she still jumps up!


Apparently, she really wanted to check out the pot from the sauce that was soaking in the sink….it made us do this.

The past few days, Pyper was joined me for lunch at the table as well.  Pyper will also try to join us when we’re eating dinner in the living room….hence the spaghetti sauce from last night.

We’re going to try this method for a while and see what happens over the next week or so.  Our counters look pretty ridiculous, but if this works, it’s not a forever thing anyway.  Pyper can’t control herself with food at all.

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So excited! Great last few days!

So although the purpose of the blog is for “funny” stories, I’m going slightly off track for this post. 

The past few days have been awesome! It started out last Wednesday (March 31); it was the last day of school before Spring Break and also my and Kyle’s 10 years….dating anniversary, being a couple anniversary? Not sure what you want to call it now that we’re married and have a new anniversary.  It seemed weird not to celebrate March 31 considering we have since 2000, so we went out to Outback for a delicious meal.

On Friday afternoon Kyle and I drove up to Newton to meet with our photographer from our wedding to start the process of making a wedding album.  We chose the design, color, etc.  Since we got home, I’ve been going through all of our wedding pictures and deciding whic ones I NEED to have in our album.  It isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.  The most difficult part is looking for a variety….making sure I get enough pictures of just us, me getting ready, our bridal party, family, etc.  So far, so good.  Hopefully by tomorrow night we’ll have all the pictures chosen and I can email our photographer and let her know we’re ready.  She said it’ll probably take about a week or two for her to design the album with the pictures we chose.  Once she’s finished, we’ll OK it and then send it onto the company who makes the album.  After then, we’ll have to wait about a month to a month and a half until the album is ours!!  Looking through our pictures have made me really miss our wedding day.  It was one of the best, if not the best, day of my life.  I loved being surrounded by our friends and family, wearing my dress, and becoming a wife. :-)

Kyle and I decided to look at kittens at PetSmart on Saturday afternoon.  We decided it was definitely time for a new kitty.  It has been just about 2 months since we had to put Elroy to sleep.  The apartment has been so quiet without him.   Now we have a beautiful 10 month old kitty named Pyper.  She immediately felt comfortable in our apartment.  She has explored EVERYWHERE! Pyper loves to eat, look out the windows, play and…did I mention eat?? Pyper began the first night sleeping on the recliner, and at some point during the night, came up to sleep with us.  Last night she was on the bed all night.  My track record hasn’t been great with cats, but I’m more hopeful about Pyper.  She seems like she’ll be around for a while.  :-) I thought it would take me a while to fall in love with Pyper, but it happened when we got home from my parents last night.  Kyle and I have taken so many pictures of Pyper in the last few days.  I can only imagine when we have kids (still a few years away!!) how many pictures we’ll take of them!

The latest great thing about the past few days is that we just bought tickets to see Bon Jovi and Train (Train is the opening act) in May! They are opening up the new Meadowlands Stadium.  I am beyond excited! I’ve seen Bon Jovi in concert once, but it was few years ago.  I am super excited to see Train…I’ve never seen them.  We are sitting so far away, but I don’t think it really matters for concerts.

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