Mini vacation to Connecticut

For Christmas my parents bought me and Kyle tickets to the Third Eye Blind concert at Foxwoods and paid for us to stay overnight (not at Foxwoods, but a hotel only about 20 minutes away.) It was so nice to get away, even if it was only for a night.  When we drove into Connecticut, Kyle noticed the welcome sign mentioned that the state is full of surprises.   About a few minutes later, we saw a car advertising their business, which was paying bail.  If you ever get arrested in Connecticut, you can call them and they’ll bail you out! Weird…

Few hours later, we arrive at the hotel, check-in, then quickly leave to drive over to Foxwoods.  On our way to Foxwoods, we were driving behind a car with a license plate I didn’t recognize.  I saw the word “islands” on the license plate and wanted to know where it was from.  As I was driving I was trying to make it out, but I wasn’t close enough to read it.  I seriously thought it said “Solomon Islands.” Well, we get to a stop sign and the license plate said “Rhode Island.” Just looked up Solomon Islands…very close to Australia.  I don’t know where I got that from.

Anyway, the concert was held at the MGM Theater in Foxwoods, which is beautiful! Third Eye Blind was the only band performing…they played for about an hour and a half, which was a bit shorter than I expected, but they put on a good show.  Afterwards, we got gelato and watched the zamboni clean off the ice from the outdoor rink.  Being that the rink is outdoors, it’s seasonal.  During the warmer months, it’s a terrace.  We wandered around Foxwoods for a bit and I lost $5 within a minute playing a penny Happy Days slot.  Foxwoods is really nice.  There’s a ton to do in addition to gambling.  There’s the theater, ice skating rink, bowling alley, comedy club, arcade, restaurants, clubs,  and stores. 

The next day we had lunch at Mystic Pizza.  We learned there was a movie called Mystic Pizza that was filmed there and in the surrounding areas.  Then we went over to the Mystic Aquarium for a while.  The aquarium was pretty cool—they had a good variety of animals.  Last Christmas I got a camera from Kyle, which takes really good low light shots.  It took great pictures at the aquarium.  Afterwards, we drove back to Foxwoods to go ice skating and wandered around a bit before heading back home.  I’d definitely go back.

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Wife ALMOST Lost at Sea on Honeymoon

I celebrated my 26th birthday while Kyle and I were on our honeymoon on beautiful Maui. 

Because we were on our honeymoon far from home, we decided that Kyle wouldn’t buy a birthday gift for me until after we got home.  However, he knew how much I wanted a tube.  We had seen so many people with these brightly colored tubes.  On my birthday, we went to the rental place at the hotel and asked how much it was to rent a tube for the day.  Well, you could rent everything but the tubes.  The tubes could only be purchased.  I told Kyle not to worry about it, that I didn’t need the tube that badly.  $7 later, I was the proud owner of a tube!

Now the difficult part was that every once in a while the wind could pick up on the beach and sometimes your belongings would fly away a bit.  A few days earlier, we saw a couple loose their tube due to the wind.  We found a spot on the beach where a wooden pole was stuck in the ground.  We decided this would be a great place to keep the tube when we weren’t using it.

I had so much fun swimming in my tube in the ocean. (The following was a different day.  Not my birthday anymore.)

I was floating and having fun for a while.  Then I decided that I wanted to sit on top of the tube.

As you can see, I was having trouble.  To be fair (to me), the water got deep very quickly and even though I could see the ocean floor, I couldn’t touch it.  Who knows how deep the ocean was.

So once I fell off the tube, it started to float away and I swam after it.

What I didn’t realize (and didn’t seem to bother Kyle since he took all of these pictures) was that the tube was floating away from shore.  All I was concentrating on was trying to catch the tube.  Luckily, I did.

And this is where Kyle wanted me to keep the tube for now on.

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One Time in Boston…

We stayed at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel near Boston Commons.  At last minute, we decided to take a 3 day trip to Boston so Kyle could ask Nich to be the best man in our wedding.  For some reason we weren’t able to leave until after 9:30pm, so we didn’t arrive in Boston until around 1:30 or 2am.  The ride wasn’t bad and there was only a little traffic in Connecticut due to road construction.  When we arrived in Boston, found the hotel and a parking garage (after the GPS yelled at me for turning too quickly), we were tired and wanted to sleep.  Kyle and I paid for a standard room, but somehow ended up getting the Heritage suite! The room was HUGE! There was a dining room table, a chandelier, a couch, chair, a coffee table and a fireplace! What we didn’t see was a bed.  We started looking EVERYWHERE (remember, it was 2am.)  We looked in closets, the bathroom and I even opened up the door to the joint room (their door was closed.)  We were going to call the front desk, but how stupid would we have sounded asking the front desk where the bed was. lol. Eventually Kyle noticed that there were these two things hanging from the wall.  He asked me to come help him see what it was….and what do you know, the bed was hidden in the wall! I’m so glad we didn’t call the front desk!


We said we’d never stay at that hotel again because we’d have to get a standard room, but what do you know….we’re going next week with some friends! I’m doubting we’ll get the Heritage Suite again though.

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When Kyle proposed…

In January of 2008, we went on a cruise from Miami to Key West and Cozumel with 6 of our friends.  This was our first (and only, so far) cruise and Kyle’s first time flying on a plane.  Little did I know the reason Kyle actually agreed to go on a cruise was because he was planning to propose to me after dating for almost 8 years.  Back in the fall, our friend Nich asked a bunch of us if we’d be interested in going on a cruise.  Of course I wanted to go, but I didn’t think Kyle would have any interest in going. 

Kyle had everything planned out.  He had taken a half day from work to go look at rings without anyone except one co-worker knowing.  A family memeber works (or owns) a jewelry store and she recommended it to Kyle.  Over the previous few months, we had talked about rings and looked online a little, but nothing further than that.  A week later, Kyle picked up the ring from the store, asked my parents permission, and got the ring insured under his parent’s insurance (without his mom knowing.)  Kyle knew when he was going to propose.  He was going to somehow get me to take a walk around the ship after the formal dinner and propose to me then. 

Kyle kept this a secret from everyone he had to.  Nobody we went on the cruise knew.  The majority of our families did not know.  Kyle hid the ring in the battery compartment of his digital camera and put it in his carry-on.  The box was in his suitcase.  Once we arrived in Miami, we went to the Bayside Shopping Center and to Bubba Gump’s for dinner.  Without anyone noticing, Kyle slipped the ring out of his camera and into his pocket.  The following day, we boarded the Carnival Fascination cruise ship.  As we were going through security, Kyle beeped and security had to look at his things.  Still, nobody knew he was carrying an engagement ring.

The following day, we docked in Key West.  As soon as we docked, Kyle, Nich, Desiree and I hit the beach.  We all called home while on the beach.  I called my mom at work and she was asking about the cruise and when the formal night was.  She knew Kyle’s plan.  The formal night was that night.  Later in the morning, we met up with Aaron and Lenny to go on the Taste of Key West tour.  Kyle had left the ring in the safe while we were on the beach.  When we went back to change into our sneakers before the tour, Kyle slipped the ring in his camera case, then asked me to put the case in my bag.  I WAS HOLDING THE RING!!!! And I still had no idea.  When we got back to the ship, I was going through my bag, grabbed what I thought was my camera case and opened it.  Kyle freaked out and told me that it was his.  I didn’t think anything of it, even though he is usually very calm and laid back.

Later that night, the 8 of us got dressed up and headed out to the Captain’s cocktail hour.   We took some formal pictures and headed to dinner.  After dinner, we took some jumping pictures and walked around as a group a bit.  The guys eventually decided they wanted to go to the casino and the girls wanted to go to a show.  Luckily for Kyle, I didn’t want to do either and he suggested that we go for a walk.  I agreed.  Still to this day I’m not sure how I agreed so easily to that.  Anyway, we walked around the ship and headed up to the miniature golf course.  Right by it, there was an area you could look out at sea.  It was so pretty.  It was around 11-11:30pm….we were in the middle of the Caribbean Sea headed towards Mexico.  The only thing we were able to see was the stars in the sky.  We were talking about how pretty it was and Kyle started to say cute things.  My arm was rested on the railing with my hand slightly covering my mouth.  Somehow I don’t realize it, but Kyle gets down on one knee, pulls out the ring and asks “Will you marry me?” Most girls would immediately say “yes,” but I said “Are you kidding????” He nervously says “No, look down.”  So I look down and now I see him on one knee, with ring in hand.  Immediately I start crying and eventually I say “of course I will.”  We kiss and then we sit down because now of course I have a million questions.  I’ve brought up the topic of getting engaged on numerous occassions, but wasn’t sure Kyle ever would in the near future.  He completely caught me by surprise and I love that he was able to. 

One of my favorite parts of our engagement story is how I didn’t see him on one knee or the ring when he proposed….and I asked if he was kidding. 

Another one of my favorite parts was that after all the questioning and finding out that none of our friends knew  and only my parents and his dad knew, we got to tell our friends.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell them right away, but as soon as we got to our rooms and I heard Jenn Gunn talking, I knew I wanted to tell.  I started pounding on her door, all excited.  When Jenn opened the door, I started saying “guess what” repeatedly.  She was like “ummm…you got engaged.” I was like “YEP” and showed her my hand and she started screaming.  This brought Desiree out of her room to see what happened….as well as a few other people we didn’t even know! Desiree told everyone who came out (because they heard screaming) that we got engaged. 

Obviously the best part of the story is that we were getting married!!

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